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Welcome to SF Therapy

SF Therapy is the San Francisco private practice of Lori Lavinthal MA, LMFT. She is a licensed psychotherapist, providing DBT, and general psychotherapy to adults, adolescents and couples. For the past 20 years she has helped people transform, creating lives they want to live.

Lori Lavinthal MA, LMFT 

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Lori is a licensed psychotherapist providing DBT, Family Therapy and  general psychotherapy. Her approach is informed by her training in psychodynamic, systems and attachment theories.
Stylistically she is warm, thoughtful, and engaged creating a non-judgmental safe therapeutic environment.

What is DBT?

Dialectal behavioral therapy is a well researched, evidenced based effective treatment designed for people who have difficulty regulating their emotions, chaotic unstable relationships, intense unpredictable moods and self-destructive behaviors. This is an active skills based therapy developed by Dr. Marsha Linehan. It combines Zen practices of mindfulness with cognitive behavioral therapy.

DBT is successful in treating people with suicidal and self-harming behaviors, substance abuse, depression, anxiety, trauma, eating disorders, and other addiction problems. This model offers practical skills to create a life with more joy, less suffering and a deeper connection to self and others.

DBT typically consists of weekly individual therapy, group skills training, and in-between session phone coaching to reinforce the skills learned and apply them to daily life.